Go Ahead and Skip Committee

Automatic Committee Meeting Transcripts

Committee Meeting Transcripts

Many years ago, as a legislative staffer there were only two committee video channels and if you needed to see one that wasn't televised, there were few worse fates than actually having to run down to the committee room. Watching committee on Zoom are only one step up.

We're really excited to add Committee Meeting transcripts to Capitol Zen! We go through and collect the archived committee information from the legislature's website, process the data available and present it to you. What's included?

Export Bill Lists

  • The full video of the committee
  • A plain text transcript of the hearing (this is automated so doesn't do great with names)
  • All the public information from the clerk including: minutes, submitted testimony, and cards
  • Coming Soon: The list of bills (and if applicable), references to your clients

You can find the committees by date on the Daily Summary "Committee" tab, or you can click "Committees" on the dashboard and browse all the meetings we have available.

Daily Summary Integrated With Dashboard

I'm also happy to share that if you're a user of the daily summary, it is now integrated with the dashboard. So when archive a new introduction on the dashboard it will no longer display on the daily summary and vice-versa.

Amendments, Errors, and Omissions

  • Report bill sorting had some unexpected results, which have been resolved
  • Ensured the dashboard header toolbar stays visible as you scroll through dashboard items
  • Can add multiple bills at once from the dashboard
  • Fixed a whole slew of various errors you may or may not have noticed, hopefully all of which improve your usability of site