President's Day Product Updates

Introducing the Capitol Zen Daily Summary

It's another snowy start to the week, but hopefully a few things in here today that will possibly warm even the coldest of your hearts.

Daily Summary

Each night there are either new bill or floor activity, Capitol Zen will generate a "daily summary" of all the bill introductions and bills with committee movement. If you're tracking a bill, you'll see the client highlighted for it.

Export Bill Lists

Export Bills

If you want just a simple spreadsheet of all the bills you're tracking for a client, you're in luck! Go to the client's report page, and click "download list" to export all the bill data out as a .csv file.

Export Bill Lists

Misc Fixes

  • Fix some issues around user-saving, which caused unexpected and decidedly unwelcome results
  • You're now able add more than 1 bill to a time for an issue, when clicking multiple dashboard items
  • Speaking of the dashboard, there were various and sundry bugs that happened from time to time. Those have been largely resolved.